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    1. Jinko and Longi is best but solar panel is orignal ho. Loat waly na ho.
      panel ko buy kraty waqt solar company ky warranty document lazmi sath ho.

      1. Salam..
        My house unit consumption is 660 unit per month so how many KW project could be fine for us and what should be the cost of full project??
        After the fixing of this project do the wapda unit will be zero every month???

  1. My house is having 2 AC , 2 fridge, 6 fan, 10 led light, so what should be the soler system cost of best company??
    Thank you

  2. my house have 1 fridge , 1 fan , 1 AC ,1 water dispenser, 4 led bulb and 1 led , what should be the solar cost ? and company ?

    1. you can use 4kw solar inverter with minimum 6 550 watt solar plate and 2 tubler batteries. There are many companies in the market. You can use ziewnic’s solar inverter. The cost of this complete solar will come from 5 lakh to 6 lakh.

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